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“We help you grow your brand, amplify your message, and reach more people through the world of podcasting. In simple terms, you “speak your truth” and we’ll do the rest!”

DreamNation Media

Our in-house workflow has given us a consistent, streamlined process that we now offer to you, so you can have the easiest experience reaching your listeners. Our tried and tested deliverables will be a perfect fit to hand over to your marketing team and add monetization to the mix!

Benefits of our Podcasts?


Audio Production

  • Noise reduction
  • Filler Word Editing (umm, uhh)
  • Intro And Outro Creation
  • Jingles And Stingers
  • Professional voice-overs to introduce, end an promote offers in your episode

Show notes writing

  • An SEO compliant description of the content that drives listener to subscribe
  • Engaging offers of affiliate links


  • Tools for scheduling and hands free multi-platform publishing


  • Content repurposing for social media
  • Turn your podcast into blogs, emails and Youtube videos you can monetize

Strategy Coaching

  • Identifying your target audience
  • How to structure your podcast episodes
  • Tactical tips for storytelling and keeping your audience’s attention
  • Industry best-practices to get more listeners and rank higher on the Itunes, Spotify, Soundcloud, and other platforms

Equipment Advice & How-Tos

  • Tips and recommendations on setting up your audio and video recording equipment efficiently depending on your budget
  • Which software to use that fits your needs and your budget
  • Automating scheduling with your guests
  • How to package and hand-off your podcast recording to us.
DreamNation PODcasts Benefits

You will have direct contact with the producer that will be handling your podcast. He or she will get to know your content, suggest and apply improvements and make your experience as hands-free as possible.

Current turn-arround time for an episode: 5-10 working days, depending on recording length, number of sources and your custom specifications.

Pricing Plans

DIY Approach

  • Includes all from Assited, Plus
  • A personalized pre-launch strategy
  • Build strategy out your podcast to become a media platform: social media presence, blogs, emails and much more
  • Hosting Services Setup
  • Show Notes / Transcripts
  • Professional analytics and SEO reports to track and boost your podcast growth
  • Personalized equipment and set-up coaching
  • Recommended equipment and setup guides

We'll partner with you

  • Basic editing and volume mastering
  • Input of an intro, outro and offers provided by you
  • Input of an intro, outro and offers provided by you
  • Consulting on branding your podcast
  • A comprehensive starting guide on how to publish your podcast in all the major platforms

We'll handle for you

  • Includes all from Assited, Plus
  • We produce and guide you through identifying your ideal listener
  • We help you with creating with logo and graphic art for your podcast
  • We help you to build your intro, outro and offers with you
  • We set up publishing automation for your podcast and hand the keys over to you
  • Coaching on how to get the guests you want
  • Recommended equipment and setup guides
The industry is evolving into a global player, what are you waiting for?

Podcast Statistics to Pay Attention to.

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Average Podcast listener in North America.
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Average monthly listeners in North America alone.
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Projected to be over $1 Billion ad spend in 2021.

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